Retail Solutions

Technology Solutions for Retail in South Africa

Attract attention, Set the mood

Captivate your customers with integrated technologies that engage shoppers while ensuring your store runs smoothly and securely. Create an incomparable in-store experience that excites all the senses and makes an indelible connection between your brand and your customers. With Southtel integrated technology solutions, create a dazzling multimedia experience that will intrigue passers-by, inform the curious and convince the uncertain to shop. There are limitless ways to combine multimedia, lighting, and environmental controls to set the ambience.

Retail Technology Solutions

Keep it fresh

In the competitive world of retail, nothing is as important as continual reinvention. New products, new promotions, and new experiences are what keep customers coming back. Southtel makes it easy to build a flexible multimedia system with content that can be distributed in brilliant digital quality. And since our hardware and software are engineered to integrate various technologies, it’s easy to upgrade and expand your system to meet your changing needs.

Retail Technology Solutions

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