Red Bird Farms

The best quality Poultry

Red Bird Farms is a South African poultry company wholly owned by Southtel Holdings, producing high quality poultry. We strive to provide our clients and customers with the highest quality produce along with commitment to service.

At Red Bird Farms we use the best poultry breeds that allow us to provide our clients with tender, juicy, delicious chicken because our client satisfaction is key.

Our facilities are capable of producing as much as 2.8 million birds per annum or 400 000 birds every 33 days, an efficient and productive output without compromising the product of the chickens.

As part of Southtel Holdings we have put a lot of resources into research on how to produce the best quality poultry on the market. Our team includes Agronomists, Food Scientists and Nutritionists, using the latest poultry production technologies.