If someone is looking around to revamp the musical equipment setup in his home then there is a new cutting edge possibility just round the corner. Basically this is a concept of music in every room from one centralized system but whether it is Mp3 or internet radio or streaming music, any of it can be accessed from any room or area. One can choose from a library of music which consists of cover art, various artist titles, and his or her own personalized playlist info. He can also stream music by incorporating his Apple iOS or Android smart phone or tablet into the system using Airplay or DLN wireless technologies.

Different tunes and music can be played in different rooms at the same time or a certain ‘whole house party’ mode can be activated for playing the same music throughout the house to entertain others. Excellent in-celing speakers are available which beautifully match with home decor and are aesthetically very pleasing too.

Garden ,outdoor and rock speakers are also available with incredible fidelity which can be arranged to be placed separately at different places around the garden and hidden between shrubs, bushes and plants. The system provides a wide range of audio options based on specific needs for spaces of various kinds. The system can be controlled from a Pc/ MAC, android phones or tablets, iPad, iPhone, touchscreen, remote control or from a simple menu on the TV screen.

Multi-Room Audio Distribution System

Limited control is allowed in each room the system being a distributed one. Each room has a set of speakers together with an in wall volume control. So it is possible to set different volume levels or turn off the music completely in any room. The system also has an intelligent multiroom controller. This allows the home to be divided into dedicated listening areas called Zones. In each zone one can select and listen to his own kind of music.

From each zone the source can be accessed and simple functions like changing sources eg. from listening to radio to listening to a CD can be easily performed. So changing radio stations or a CD track or discs is no big deal. Even changing sattelite TV channels or operating a DVD player is easy. Each zone has the ability to work independently.

So while listening to radio in the main bedroom and bathroom is possible a CD can be enjoyed in the kitchen. When retiring to bed or leaving home activating a SYSTEM OFF button on the touchscreen, keypad or remote control will switch off the entire system. So the actlvity of turning off music from every individual node scattered across various rooms is no more required. A very high level of customization is possible. The multiroom and multisource systems are created according to specific budgets and lifestyles and as little or as much functionalities can be incorporated according to requirement.

Additional functions can also be incorporated later in the system if the home is planned and wired properly. No more fiddling with buttons on the stereo equipment any more. The existing wiring network is used and there is no room to room clumsy wiring like olden days. So it may so happen that professional installation is required. Adaptor is required in each zone.The reception quality depends on distance. Some of the systems and components are readily available while others can be developed or customized with different features.So prices vary accordingly. No new wiring is required because installation can be done with existing electrical wires.

Retrofit installations are also possible and can be opted for because it is a great choice.Some systems are DIY and others require installation. It is possible that AC line noise might disturb radio reception which is usually cured with a line filter. There are systems with in-wall control keypads. Each zone requires a built in stereo amp. More zones can be added to the network as and when required which means that the system can be expanded.So basically what we have here is a simple,clean and clutter free entertainment right at one’s fingertips.


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