Recently an automatic and electronic form of control meant for lighting and management of energy seems to be available which is refining the system by which home illumination is looked at. It is gaining a lot of popularity with owners of medium to large homes and commercial spaces. The reasons are easily evident to anyone with an eye on security together with ease of operation and convenience. Apart from the above it also offers a lot of savings in energy and is loaded with useful features some of which are discussed here.

Just the touch of a button can let one have access to the perfect kind of light aligning with any activity or to setting the right moods for specific places. A mode called ‘Welcome home scene’ can automatically illuminate a series of lights throughout the home.  A warm and gentle set of lights can be activated to illuminate the hallways or the passageway to the kitchen. This together with the key entry points and exterior lighted up provides safety and the welcoming feeling. In fact with any one button someone can control every lighting circuit in the entire house.

The system has a built in astronomical time clock that has accurate knowledge about time of sunrise and sunset. So the security and outdoor lights can be automatically triggered at sunset and turned off at sunlight and as a result the whole house can be put to sleep at bedtime. The whole house can also be helped to retire to bed at the touch of a ‘Good night scene’ button. The lighting control system can be integrated with motion sensors so that bathrooms, dressing rooms, pantriesand passages will light up on their own whenever presence of someone is felt inside any of them and the lights inside will dim down or switch off automatically when no motion is detected inside. If the alarm goes off it can trigger a ‘security scene’ which turns on certain lights inside and outside the house.

Lighting Control and energy management system

Even if the occupants of the house are absent it can be made to look occupied with the help of certain circuits remaining live. All circuits in the system are interconnected and can be controlled according to varying scenarios. Moods and scenes can be set not only to create an ambience of a dinner evening but reducing illumination by a minimum of 20% saves electricity and enhances lamp life which is a lot of savings by itself in the long run. Lighting scenes can be altered according to events or can be made to be time based.

The convenience and value of a well designed lighting layout together with a premium quality lighting control system is much more than what meets the eye because it is also about ambiance, energy efficiency and added security which a smart lit home possesses. These home automation systems are becoming very common nowadays but they have already been there for decades under the garb of building automation systems.

Basically a very good investment because together with low level of automation, integration and dynamics it helps one to reduce energy consumption and energy wastage. There are quite a few manufacturers of these systems around and the decision to select a particular brand is very important because once implemented it becomes an integral part of one’s home and lifestyle. One has to keep in mind that design, hardware ,implementation and programming and support are the key factors which  play major roles for delivering a trouble free solution.

‘Rabone Systems’ is one such company which can help someone to take the right decision on selecting an energy management system and designing a solution that is convenient to use, in the forefront of technology and saves energy and money. Our scalable, wireless and wired lighting control systems that allow the facility managers to improve the cost effectiveness and occupant experiences of their lighting spaces with just a click of the mouse.

It’s the only lighting control system that can gather data from various lighting component suppliers to suit the lighting usage according to changing requirements making it technically smarter as time goes by and thus making any building fit for the future. Naturally, performance of the system is limitless with many permutations and combinations achieved through the optimal connection of  user interfaces, control units, daylight and motion sensors and electronic control gears.The system also matches the stricter regulations including the EPBD (Energy Performance Building Directive) easily with its application oriented control systems. So finally if someone is interested to take advantage of potential energy saving opportunities together with latest technology and economy ‘Rabone Systems’ is the company to go for.

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