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At Southtel Holdings we are an industry leader providing world class solutions in the fields of Technology, Agriculture and Industrial Engineering via our 3 subsidiaries.



Southtel began as a telecommunications company in 2005, throughout our 13 year history we have established ourselves as a major tech player, and continued to evolve in the field of technology, with IOT Smart Home solutions, Educational solutions via technology, Corporate Solution, including via Fibre Installations and Network Benchmarking just to name a few.


Industrial Engineering

Over the years with our exponential growth Southtel has advanced in other fields of industry besides technology, one of those is Industrial Engineering, we offer a number of services from construction, to mining and energy, whether small or large “You name it , we build it”.



Over the years Southtel Holdings has been interested in using some of its resources in finding solutions to ensure food security, nutrition and job creation in Africa. Through Red Bird Farms a subsidiary of Southtel Holdings that focuses in poultry production Southtel is on the path to providing food security and fighting, hunger and starvation in Africa.

Why Us ?



Our team of qualified expects, have years of experience in customer care, ethics and professionalism. Every Client is unique and we offer tailored solutions with the most respect and professionalism.


24+ years Experience

With what started as a telecommunications project, Southtel has branched into a number of fields over the years, but still maintaining its core values of undertaking the most challenging projects, but evolving to meet changing client needs.

Client Satisfaction

Every client need and projects are different but we at Southtel, no matter which subsidiary we strive to provide the best solutions and overall client satisfaction.


We provide full support on all our products and projects for our clients.

Some of Our Projects

Below are some of the projects/work that our technical team has done in the field in the past. Click on any of the images below to expand.

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